CAT OF THE MONTH – December ‘17

Bogey was taken in by CASA early November with a broken pelvis and was very thin. He is a beautiful orange and white domestic long hair cat with pale yellow-green eyes who we guess to be 8 to 9 years old. CASA took him for veterinary care, and he received his rabies, and was given flea prevention and dewormer. Test results are positive for FIV. He will be neutered once his pelvis has healed. Bogey has already put on weight and has a good appetite. For all he has been through, Bogey keeps a stiff upper lip and has a sweet disposition. Cats with FIV need to be only cats or live with other cats with FIV. Cats with this virus can live long, healthy lives as indoor cats. Please consider Bogey if you are looking for a cat companion. Call us!