DOG OF THE MONTH – September ‘18

An elderly retired ex-volunteer of ours recently lost her much-loved dog to cancer.  She missed having a dog in her home and said she’d be a short-term foster again for us.  Here’s what she said about Hunter’s short visit at her home awaiting her own new dog.

"Hunter was comfortable upon entering the house.  At no time did he show fear.  He is adequately well-housebroken as long as he is offered plenty of breaks to go outside.  (On his last day here he had a couple of “accidents” on the bare floor but he was not given the opportunity to get outside.  I have to say it was my fault.)  He should get out about every 2-1/2 hours.  He didn’t like being shut in the crate so was allowed to select his own bed (which happened to be a pile of worn clothes and a pillow by my bedroom closest).   He also liked to sleep in the living room on the couch although the CASA person I was working with suggested I discourage that.  I think he liked that because it smelled like my previous dog and was therefore “dog-friendly”.    He also enjoyed sleeping on the large dog bed on the floor by the window.  When someone came through the door, Hunter was interested in getting out so should be leashed/confined at that time.  But when he’s outside doing his business, he doesn't like staying out long unless I’m with him.  He has a good appetite and in fact edibles should be protected when it’s not meal-time.  Two girls — maybe 10 and 14 — visited us once and Hunter was delighted with their company.  They played ball in the house.  Hunter showed no distrust of the situation and played catch very nicely.” 

Since we first took in Hunter as a found dog, we’ve known him to LOVE people — including youngsters — love attention from people and enjoy the company of other dogs and cats.  Although he’s crate-trained for short periods of time, he’s never liked it.  So since he wants to be around people and doesn’t take to crates, he’d be happiest inside a home where somebody is around most of the time.  (He’s definitely NOT an outdoor dog.)  His first foster mom said for him, "Want a dog that will give you love? I’ll be your shadow and I would be good with children - I’m big, but have a gentle heart. My foster says that when I stay close to her and get underfoot, I'm not annoyed if she steps on me. That’s one of the reasons I could be great with children in my life.” 
If left alone, he may bark and if running loose in your home for long, may forego his house training.   If he has access to food/snacks/anything tasty-smelling, he’ll nab it off counters or wherever so it’s best to keep such items inaccessible.  Hunter does alert to strangers driving in but will likely prefer being a welcoming committee than a deterrent.   But although he’s a softie, he loves his humans and we think is smart enough to know when he's needed.  He delights in car rides, probably in part because he gets to be with his peeps.  Please meet this sweet chap, quirks and all; he’ll pay you back ten fold in adoration.