Steps to View and Adopt

If you’re looking for a dog or cat companion, please view all of CASA’s foster animals on the web site you’ll find by clicking on our link “All Our Pets” which is located on your left. Should anyone pique your interest, call or e-mail us so we can answer questions and/or arrange a meeting. We suggest our required adoption application, requesting two non-relative references and contact information of veterinarian(s) you’ve used in the past three years, be completed and returned prior to a meeting. A CASA volunteer will process the application and contact the applicant as promptly as possible. Our policy is to make the best match between animal and person or family so if there are multiple applications for one animal, we seek to choose the best match. You may complete the application by clicking on the "CASA Adoption Application” form below and following the directions.



Dog and Cat Adoption Fees

To pay for veterinary costs of spays/neuters, vaccinations, de-worming and heart-worm tests our DOG adoption fee is $195.
To cover alterations, vaccinations and de-worming, our CAT adoption fees are $70 for males and $85 for females (because spays cost more than neuters).

Thank you for choosing to adopt, not buy, your companion animal.


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