Odie and Garfield


As you can see by their picture, both Odie and Garfield are handsome orange and white short hair cats. Garfield has a little more tabby striping than Odie and is a brighter orange. They were rescued (we assume they were brothers) when they were little kittens by a woman who found them in a ditch on the north side of Prairie du Chien in November 2012. This person fostered them until last November and said they are very friendly to other cats, and in fact, they are like ambassadors of good will to new foster cats. Odie is larger and an all around friendly, calm cat. Garfield is a cuddler, loves to be in your lap all the time and is very lanky - a bit skinny. If you are interested in meeting and possibly adopting these brothers, please call CASA at 608-648-2461. They are being fostered in a new home and have adjusted very well. (Because they've always been together and clearly love each other, we'd prefer they are adopted together. We can talk about a lower adoption fee if both go to the same home.) They have the perfect disposition of being neither too shy nor too hyper and would be a loving addition to a home.