Luca and Lucy

CAT OF THE MONTH – December ‘14

Luca, Lucy and Lily were dropped off by person in a van at the church in Rising Sun, just north of County C in September 2014. Here are pictured Luca on the left and Lucy on the right. We guess they were born in July. CASA took them in. When we took pictures of them in September, they were indistinguishable from each other – all three solid black medium hair with green eyes and all three inquisitive and loving human contact. These kittens are purring fur balls. Luca, the male, is ready to adopt. He was neutered and vaccinated the week of Thanksgiving. The two females, Lucy and Lily, will be spayed in January. When their foster mom takes time to be with them, all three come to her immediately, purring and asking to be petted. Whoever is meant to adopt any one of these kittens will be lucky indeed. Call CASA for meet any one of them! They will be at a pet adoption day at Petco on December 13th! Come and meet them.